Detox Counseling Protocol
Convenient & Local
Detox Counseling Protocol
Convenient & Local
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Here at the Cleanse-in-Place, we believe that a healthy colon is the beginning of a healthy body. Our goal is to provide a warm, relaxing, peaceful environment where you can cleanse, detox, and feel rejuvenated.

Our therapist is a certified colon hydro-therapist. She will guide you through your session, and help you fully understand the detoxification process. Your first visit to the Cleanse-in-Place is about 1 hour 45 mins and any visit after would be 1 hour 10 mins, depending on the sessions you purchase.

Detox Protocol #1

Here at the Cleanse-in-Place, we offer Foot Detox, which is another effective way of helping to eliminate toxic debris from your body.

Detox Protocol #2

Colon hydrotherapy (colon cleansing), sometimes called a colonic, is a safe, hygienic way to cleanse the entire colon (large intestine).

Detox Protocol #1
Detox Protocol #2
Detox Protocol #3
Detox Protocol #4
Detox Protocol #5
Detox Protocol #6
60 Minute Colonic
Regular Detox Foot(2-Parts Service)
Ultimate Foot Detox(3-Parts Service)
3 session pre-paid package(60-minute sessions)
3 session pre-paid package(45-minute sessions)
3 session pre-paid package(30-minute sessions)
45 minute colonic ultimate cleansing protocol
"Some people are great at what they do and Ms. Belinda is one of them. She sets a wonderful atmosphere to put you at ease and hands down, this was the best experience I've had with colonics. Ms. Belinda is very warm and caring, having great concern that you are comfortable and well aware of the procedure. I highly recommend, The Cleanse In Place!"
Nickie Stiix
"One of the best investments in self care, very professional and informative of the process and after care. I feel great, can’t wait until my next one."
Kay Tucker
"I had my first cleanse today and had a great experience. The owner was very informative and knowledgeable. She helped make the experience even better. I left feeling lighter and just overall relaxed and more comfortable. I'll definitely be visiting again very soon!!"
Kelli Dunn
"I absolutely LOVED my service, she explained everything very detailed and very well ! This experience was absolutely amazing! When leaving you feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and lighter. If you are looking to relax in a safe , quiet , and CLEAN space , I HIGHLY recommend Ms. B
Mahogany Scott
"What an amazing place. I feel 100% better both physically and spiritually. It’s amazingly professional and well run. The staff is beyond amazing.Not many men would be willing to allow this procedure but trust me it’s amazing and an extremely healthy procedure"
Conzilio Sodano
"Where do I began?! Ms. Belinda was excellent from the time that I arrived until the time that I left. I have never had a cleansing before but she made sure that I was very comfortable and that I had every inch of knowledge about the process. She’s a very warm woman and knows her craft very well. I’ve learned so many things from my short visit and will be going back. Impeccable! I would highly recommend going to The Cleanse in Place!"
Markeda Blackwell
"Mrs. Belinda was incredible as she made me feel at ease. This was my first colonic ever at 41. i love meat to much as a 16 oz. Steak eater no problem and the occasional 24 oz. Ribeye. Didnt know how long it stays in your body.Now i will really watch it and loved the amazing feeling after removing all the toxins that been stored in my body since birth. Highly recommended for first time and shes very educational about any question need and such. Coming back tomorrow and more to complete the treatment of my life long problem of not going regularly and now i know why."
Sonny Tran
"Amazing. 1st experience and I'm glad it was here because I was handled so nicely and given so much information. I will back. PLEASE GO, your mind, body, and soul will thank you."
nicole denise
"This experience was soooooo amazing.Ms.Belinda is very knowledgeable, and made me feel very comfortable.I'm addicted. Its going to be my home away from home. LolLife changing experience!!!!!"
Tam 1975
"Ms. Belinda is AMAZING!!!!! This was my very first colonic and I was super nervous. Ms. Belinda explained the entire process and made sure I was comfortable and understood what was to be expected. Everything she said would happen, happened and the experience was AWESOME!! Who knew you could hold that much poo in lol. If you are considering a detox and can't find a place look no further The Cleanse in Place is where you should go."
Ursula Moss
"What can I really say about my experience? SIMPLY AMAZING.... this was my first time getting a colonic and certainly wont be my last. I was nervous walking into the place but Ms Belinda is such a beautiful soul!! She makes you feel at home As well as the location is clean and smells amazing.... I have so much more energy and dropped 4 pounds and its only been one day! Scheduling my next one very soon Listen dont think about it just do it. YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!"
LaLisa L (LaLisaMarie)
"This was my first colon hydrotherapy session. I was nervous about the process but Belinda was incredible. She was caring and comforting from the moment I walked in. She explained the process very clearly before starting. She was helpful through the whole process. I am definitely going to schedule my next session here!"
Dr. Erin Sappio
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