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Foot Detox

Foot Detox

Here at the Cleanse-in-Place, we offer Foot Detox, which is another effective way of helping to eliminate toxic debris from your body. You need to detox if you are experiencing symptoms including (but not limited to): fatigue, nausea, constipation, sluggishness, allergies, bags or dark circles under the eyes, mouth sores, skin spots and acne, candida, poor sleep, low immunity, and dull skin.

We use a strapless water foot bath, utilizing steel electrodes, which cleanses, balances, and enhances bio-energy – a force present in the body. Our system is so effective that with the very first use, you will feel a euphoric effect.

While some foot detox systems only work from the bottom of the foot, our system detoxes at a cellular level, the effects of which can be felt throughout the entire body. Our system is known to kill liver flukes and pancreatic flukes, which can affect diabetics. Foot detox is a painless and soothing process, so come in and enjoy a foot bath.

Peoplewith pacemakers or other electronic implants, transplant recipients, or women who are pregnant should not get a foot detox treatment. People weighing less than 95 pounds should only do a 15-20 minute session. Anyone with open wounds or sores on the feet or ankles should not have a foot detox treatment until all wounds are healed. We do not recommend use of the system for anyone under the age of 12. This system does not claim to treat or cure any disease or injury. It assists the body in re-balancing its bio-field and stimulates the body for detoxification.

Regular Foot Detox(2-Parts Service)
Ultimate Foot Detox (3-Parts Service)
3 session pre-paid package (60-minute sessions)
3 session pre-paid package (30-minute sessions)
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